Frequently Asked Questions

1. Payment 

  • Which methods of payment do you accept ?

          We only accept Credit, PayPal, Apple Pay
  • Can I receive an invoice?
          Yes, after the purchase you will receive an invoice.
  • Can I get a refund ?
          As the item, you are purchasing is digital goods, by delivering or downloading the item you have taken ownership of the item, and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. If you have technical issues with the product or you can't download the files contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

    2. Downloads Limits

    • Are there download limits ?
             Pay only $29 Onetime - Get this gift card and get UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS using coupon code worth of $1000
    •  How to purchased gift card product

              You go to pricing page in top menu and purchased values of $29 product

    3. Gift card product ?

    •  How to use gift card product ?

      You will received in mail the gift card coupon code, once you will purchased $29 gift card product.
    • How to I use coupon code ?
             If you want download the product in our store, using this coupon code and get unlimited products.